Global Resolve hosts first annual Innovation Awards

This year Global Resolve began what will be annual awards to top student innovators to encourage continued development and marketing of effective solutions to poverty. The Global Resolve awards went specifically to social entrepreneurship projects to help alleviate the effects of poverty in the developing world. The candidate pool was chosen from those teams submitting proposals to the Edson Entrepreneurship Competition at ASU. We had some impressive submissions and chose the top three awards as described briefly below.

First award – $1500 – to Eric Monaco for his solar vehicle design. Designed for transportation in places with insufficient engine fuel, the solution consists of a bike attached to a solar powered trailer that powers the bike and can transport people, crops, water and other important cargoes with NO external fuel. We feel this has high potential to create sustainable economic development in rural and urban locations.

Second award – $1000 – to GAIA, a team from CTI who are helping improve crops in rural Peru by teaching and using Biochar, charcoal created from agricultural waste that can improve crop productivity as much as 800%. You can see a picture of Abiola and our Peruvian partners in the ASUNews article photo (link below). Team members this past spring were Kathleen Stefanik, Jesus Garcia-Gonzales, Abiola Doherty, Jesse St. Amand, Aaron Carr and Tyson Stevenson. Jesus and Abiola traveled to Peru in June to begin introducing biochar to the farmers. See a companion story elsewhere in the newsletter.

Third award – $500 – SafeSIPP This project also is an Edson award winner this year and last. SafeSIPP is a water transport drum that filters water as it rolls from the well to the village, arriving with potable water. Warren te Brugge from our GR Advisory Board, is the primary mentor for the team.

We are very proud of these teams and wish them well as they advance their designs to the next level.