ASU students experience life in poverty on $2/day

Nearly half of the world’s population lives on $2/day or less and sometimes it takes actually doing it to understand the difficulties and to become involved in reducing poverty.

Global Resolve and partnered to sponsor the Two Dollar Challenge on April 10-12, 2013 at ASU’s Polytech campus where students volunteered to live on $2/ day to raise awareness of poverty in the world, including Arizona. The students committed to live for 3 days within the rules that all of the following must fit within the $2/day individual budget: food, water/drinks, transportation, and entertainment. The volunteers built a cardboard shelter for their use for the 3 days of the Challenge and learned to pool their money for food and to barter for things like rides to the grocery. All students agreed that they have a better understanding of what it is like to live in poverty. The Two Dollar Challenge concept was started by Professor Shawn Humphrey of the University of Mary Washington who started the event 5 years ago.

ASU’s Challenge was led by Mentor Dida, an undergraduate in Alternative Energy whose experience growing up in Kosovo resonated with the goals of the Challenge. Fifteen students were involved in living in poverty and, over the course of the 3 days, were interviewed on live TV by Channels 5, 3 and 12.

This is a very appropriate event for GlobalResolve to sponsor because of the student passion and the relationship to base of the pyramid projects to reduce the effects of poverty.

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