GlobalResolve Projects Take Innovation Challenge Awards

The ASU Gel Fuel Stove project will help the village of Domeabra, Ghana, start production of gelled ethanol and a high-efficiency stove to eliminate smoke from cooking fires and reduce respiratory disease and childhood mortality.  Production and market testing began in Fall 2010 in partnership with CEESD, a non-profit organization for creation of energy and environmental sustainability.

Daylight Solutions. LLC, is developing the Twig Light for the global market with the intention to manufacture, assemble and distribute the lights in Ghana in the next year.  The Twig Light will provide lighting in off-grid locations using only waste heat from decaying cooking fires or other fuel such as gelled ethanol and LEDs to create safe, inexpensive, high-quality lighting for socializing, homework and reading and village safety.

Carbon Roots International is a non-profit developing a breeder stove for Haiti communities to make and sell charcoal from waste biomass.  This project emerged from the Village Energy Systems course (TEM494) which is a part of the GlobalResolve curriculum.

We are very proud of our GlobalResolve students and their amazing innovations and wish them all the best in making a difference in the developing world.

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