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Gelfuel stove brings hope of village venture in Ghana

Engineering Professor Mark Henderson and GlobalResolve co-founder explains the phases and challenges on building a gel fuel venture in Ghana, and how their latest stove design may bring a village venture to fruition.

User-centered prototype advances Ghana venture

Industrial Design Professor John Takamura explains the value and experiences GlobalResolve provides to students who visit Ghana.

Global Resolve

Global resolve, a social entrepreneurship program at Arizona State University, helps communities around the world solve challenges through sustainable research and development.

GlobalResolve on Horizon

A video feature that appeared on the PBS Horizon show on GlobalResolve.

GlobalResolve and Tec de Monterrey join forces to revitalize town, design solutions

Professor John Takamura and graduate researchers Aaron Smith and Elisa Tostado from ASU's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts are joining forces with design, engineering and business students from Tecnologico de Monterrey to revitalize the town of San Antonio Buenavista in Toluca, Mexico.